Getting Ready for Authorisation – New online self-evaluation Tool

19 January 2010

ETITO has made available a tool that will provide advisers with an indication of any current knowledge and/or skill gaps they might have across the range of unit standards within the National Certificate in Financial Services( Financial Advice)(Level 5).

The online tool is available at

This site also enables advisers to subscribe to RSS feeds with competence updates on the latest news page.

There is a $28(+GST) fee, and advisers will need to complete the questionnaire which covers the unit standards contained within Standard Sets A, C, and D (including specialist questions for investment, insurance and residential property lending) that we have proposed. Advisers will receive a one-off profile report that will help them determine their next step(s) regarding training and assessment.

Completing the questionnaire does not count towards any assessment for the National Certificate.

Thanks to ETITO, Open Polytechnic, and the financial services industry people who designed this useful tool.


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